Advisory board

The advisory board consists of multiple organisations and institutions, which are listed below. During the meetings, we discuss the research project both content-wise, e.g. the research design, and process-wise, e.g. recruitment of participants. The overarching aim of the advisory board is to ensure that our research builds on the expertise and experience from the field, thereby strengthening the green care sector in a sustainable and meaningful way.

Annette Postma, Consultant within the Dutch “All About Health…” programme

Irene Miltenburg, Buitenvitaal

Louise Lindeboom, Lindeboom Wandelcoaching

Ria Markvoort, De Hoge Woerd

Rutger de Graaf, IVN Natuur & Gezondheid

Hilde Backus, Het Coachbureau

Lisanne van der Kruis, De Buitendokters

Jan Hassink, WUR Onderzoeker zorglandbouw, groen en gezondheid, burgerinitiatieven

Meghann Ormond, WUR Expert kwalitatieve onderzoeksmethoden

Cora Postema, Beroepsvereniging Groene Zorg

Pieter de Jongh, van Altena & de Jongh bedrijfsartsen